We're the Lafferty family: Matthew, Lisa, Bethany (born '06), Rebekah ('08), and Abigail ('10). We live in Buffalo, but we are Buckeyes through and through. This blog is simply a way for people who know us to see what we're up to.

If you're reading this, then, you are probably familiar with our old blog, Born in Buffalo, But Always a Buckeye. We decided that a while back that since we actually have three girls (not just our eldest, Bethany Margaret, as the old URL implies), it was probably time for a fresh start, blog-wise. Plus, despite the attention cute kids tend to draw, Lisa and I also do things of note from time to time, so we figured we'd open things up a bit to include a bit more about our girls' Mom & Dad.

Anyway, that's about it, as far as introductions are concerned. As usual, you can subscribe to this blog via email, you can add the feed to your reader of choice, or you can just bookmark the main page and come back whenever you like. However you do it, you're in for a treat: we've got three beautiful girls who are growing and learning more every day, and we hope you'll enjoy seeing them grow almost as much as we do!