Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Abigail (our BABY) is 4!

(This was alluded to in the catch-up post, but it seemed like it deserved its own post, too!)

I'm still not sure I've processed that fact yet, but it's true nonetheless: Abby is FOUR years old. Yikes.

As is our way, after it was all said and done, there was more than one official celebration, including a big party with Abby's classmates!

Abby told us several months ago she wanted a rock party, so there was gem mining:


 Blarney stones with a prize inside:

 And dirt cake!

It's hard to believe how fast this little girl is growing up!

The February & March Catch-Up Post

With March almost done, it would appear it's time to play another round of catch-up on the ol' blog.

The last time you saw us, we were celebrating the confirmation of now very-soon-to-be Uncle Duane. A month and a half ago (for shame!).

Since then we have...

Played in the sand at the mall:

Went to Michigan for Great Grandpa Brown's memorial service, and took a side-trip to Bronner's:

Took in the Maker Faire:

Celebrated Abby's birthday a couple times:
(more pictures to come in another post)

And joined with family for yet another memorial service:

As you can see, we've been busy, and as usual, I've been bad at posting. One of these days...