Friday, February 22, 2013

The "New" House

Grandma Miriam & Papa Jon recently acquired a bit of property near Lake Erie (and much nearer Buffalo than Columbus, which makes for easier driving!), and we've been there a few times now to help them get the place together and just to spend some time together. Of course, there's something magical to children about a house that isn't quite fully furnished, so they've been enjoying the time there thoroughly!

(Finally asleep in what has quickly become their favorite room of the house!)

The girls can't wait to spend a lot more weekends near the lake, and neither can we!


We realized recently that we still had a Build-A-Bear gift card to use, so we took the girls to the mall...

Eighty-eight cents later, meet Tappy!


Since we switched the girls' rooms, we thought it'd be a good idea to repaint Abby's new digs, and all the girls got into the action!


Goodness I've been bad at this lately... maybe it's because catch-up is our favorite game around here! (Just kidding, I'm just really bad at this.)

Anyway, we finally got a new camera, so hopefully that will induce more picture-taking. Regardless, here are some pictures from the last couple months of our girls  being... well, themselves!