Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stony Brook

Our most recent camping trip was to Stony Brook State Park. Stony Brook has become our family-favorite campground (we've been 4 years in a row, now) due to its fantastic playground and its main hike, which runs mostly through a very refreshing stream (always a big hit with the kids!).

The weekend started with a lot of rain, so we ended up going bowling the first evening, hoping for a break (which did not come that night).

(I like bowling, but enough with the rain, huh?)

(seriously, the rain...)

(classic Jonas expression, here. try to ignore his mother's...)

(this was going to be a pretty cute picture of Abby before Beth interjected herself)

A few pictures from the famous playground:

(another excellent pose from Aunt Sarah. related: I may be getting in trouble for this post...)

(a two-fer from Aunt Sarah's EPIC lunch spill. yep, I'm definitely getting in trouble)

And a few pictures from the famous stream hike:

(Lisa, immediately before she got really, really wet)

(a classic Bethany pose)

(a very tired little girl)

(Lisa, the camper-pie queen)

And lest we forget, Bethany LOST HER FIRST TOOTH during this camping trip!

It started the trip pretty loose:

And it got looser & looser...


And here she was the next morning, very pleased with the Tooth Fairy's little gift!

Hocking Hills

We went camping with Papa Jon & Grandma Miriam two weekends ago, and a great time was had by all!

(the beginning of a theme: Bethany spent most of our hikes at least this far ahead of us all)

We spent most of our pool-time in the kiddie-pool, which was generally much less crowded, to the appreciation of our girls!

And there was plenty of reading:

More hiking!

(And our first bee-sting)

(teenage Bethany: "Mom, I am totally safe up here. RELAX.")