Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Also kind of a while ago, Papa Dave headed up our rocket expidition. It was super-cold, but lots of fun!

Here's Lisa holding up the second rocket, which was actually recovered (apparently something of a rare feat)!

Playing at the Strong Museum

So we took the kids to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester kind of a while ago. It hardly needs to be said, but in a place that amounts to essentially a giant toy-filled (educational!) playground, we all had a great time!

Lisa and Sarah built a lovely wall...

...which Abby immediately knocked down!

My wife sure has a way with words!

Gotta get at least the first letter of the O-H-I-O!

Doing a little grocery shopping at a kid-sized Wegmans:

Just look at those hands flying around the keyboard!

I think the giant Lite-Bright was Lisa's favorite toy!

You can't quite see everyone in the back of the van, there, but I'm pretty sure everyone but Bethany and Aunt Sarah (who was driving) fell asleep at some point on the drive back to Buffalo. What can I say? We were wiped out from all the excitement!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Zoo in December

So far, this winter has been unusually warm (that is to say, it has been AWESOME), to the point that after Christmas, we were able to take the kids to the zoo over Christmas break. The zoo is always a fun trip, of course, but it's always a bit different when it's colder and more of the animals are out and about!

(these bears were really into standing up on two legs for some reason)

(we watched one of the keepers pour what we assume was blood into little dishes for the vampire bats to drink)

(seriously, I don't think I'd ever seen the male lion at the Buffalo Zoo before!)

(we heard one of the lions or tigers roaring very loudly as we were leaving; we tried to get there in time to take a video, but we didn't quite make it, so the kids made their best roaring faces instead!)


I'm horribly late with this post, but that's how it goes when, aside from all the amazingness of celebrating Christ's birth, the holiday consists mostly of several very large present-bombs exploding in your home.

Anyway. Our Christmas was lots of fun, and it took us a while to recover!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

(this was about as happy as Abby got about the idea of sitting for posed pictures Christmas morning...)

(this was actually Christmas eve, I think)

And that pretty much covers Christmas at our house.

On to Christmas at Papa & Grandma's house! (Abby slept through this one, which was probably a good thing for everybody; she's little enough that all the presents and festivities can be pretty overwhelming and exhausting... well, who am I kidding, most of us adults feel the same way!)

(Bethany got her first sewing machine!)

(the kids all opened lots of Disney-related items, because Papa & Grandma are taking us all to DisneyWorld this year!)

And that just about does it. I'm pretty sure some other stuff happened, too, but at this point, it's mostly a blur, but a fun and blessed blur it was!