Friday, December 2, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Because my wife is awesome, we've been decorating for Christmas a little bit each day this season.

A few nights ago, we put up the tree:

And the next night, we put up the lights and ornaments:

And just like that, we've got ourselves a tree!

Thanksgiving in Michigan

We spent Thanksgiving in & around Spring Arbor, Michigan with the Brown family this year. As always, everyone had a great time, and our girls did a surprisingly good job of keeping themselves amused despite the total absence of other children their ages (a couple families couldn't make it).

We got to use the house of some friends of ours, which made the stay infinitely more comfortable than it would have been in a hotel (and the girls got to see their friend Connor, who moved away earlier this year), and of course, we got to spend a lot of time with our awesome family. (Oh, and my dad and I got to go to the Ohio State/Michigan game Saturday--despite the loss, we managed to have a good time.)

Anyway. Enjoy some pictures!

The girls had a lot of fun with Connor and Anna Wednesday morning before their family left for their Thanksgiving trip:

I daresay I've got some ping pong players on my hands!

Rebekah wasn't the only one of the girls who had a lot of fun with Great Grandpa, but she's the only one who made it into a halfway decent picture!

And of course, my dad and I at the game, along with a former Buckeye teammate of his: