Saturday, May 29, 2010

Night #2 at Stonybrook: Lisa's telling stories of her dad's variety, and we're all looking forward to seeing Sarah and Jonas in the morning.
We just got back to our campsite after a hike with 423 stairs. Poor Matt is on his way back to get our car.
After being seriously disappointed in the playground [swingset] near our site, we just discovered an awesome playground in the main park!
Rebekah is trying to wake up Bethany, yelling "Bethany Margaret!" Only it sounds more like "Ny Marget!" She`s ready to start our day!
We`re camping! So far we know we forgot chairs, bowls, everything to make camper pies. Doesn`t stop the fun though!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We got the sprinkler out, and the kids were having so much fun (& it was so hot), I just had to grab my trunks and join them! (Pictures later, I promise!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I just got off the phone with the doctor, and Rebekah has Fifth Disease. Her cheeks are SO red, and her arms and chest are rashy. What a crazy week she`s had.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rebekah gave herself a little haircut today. Thankfully, the only place you really notice is the very far side of her bangs. She`s a trouble-maker!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poison Control

Well, we did pretty good. We've had kids for 4 years, and this was the first time we've had to call Poison Control. We thought Rebekah was sleeping, or at least pretending to. Instead, she was eating all their fun, pink toothpaste. Thankfully, she fell off her stool, which made me go upstairs to see what was going on. Turns out, milk is the best thing for toothpaste ingestion. Who knew? But, she's back in bed, and hasn't gotten sick yet. Thank God for that blessing!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abby just had her 2 month doctor appt. She`s 11lbs, 4ozs, and 23.5 inches. Growing girl!

Weekend in Columbus, Part 4: The Trip Home

Not much I can add to these, really.




Weekend in Columbus, Part 3: The Party

Since we were in Columbus, we went ahead and bought a store-made cake, which turned out great.


Rebekah certainly wasn't bothered by the fact that it wasn't homemade:


There was plenty of present-opening, and you've seen all that before, but here's a good picture of the two older sisters coloring together using one of Bekah's presents:


The Joneses came over to enjoy the party, and both of their boys really enjoyed themselves, as did my parents' neighbor's daughter, Isabella (sp?), on the far right in the group photo below.

Benjamin's excited face:


And here's Matthew making a face I'm having trouble describing at the moment:


And lastly, here's all the kids, after the party, full of cake and a little tired from running around:


Weekend in Columbus, Part 2: Swingin' Sisters

Before I get to posting pictures from the party on Sunday, I just have to post a few of our older girls playing on the swing on my parents' deck.




Weekend in Columbus, Part 1a: Abigail Faye

Not to exclude our little Abby, I'll point out that it was a hot, crowded day at the zoo and she spent most of it looking something like this:


Nevertheless, she's really starting to pour it on with the smiles, so despite what looked like a largely uncomfortably warm afternoon for her, she came out of it looking like this:


Weekend in Columbus, Part 1: The Columbus Zoo

Turns out being members of the Buffalo Zoo pays off, because we got half-price admission to the MUCH larger Columbus Zoo, which is where we all went for Rebekah's birthday outing.

Poor Rebekah didn't nap all day, so she was slightly less happy at times than usual, but she still had a good time, and so did the rest of us!

Among the highlights: the petting zoo,


the aquariums (we saw more than one very large fish tank, and Rebekah would have kept watching the fish all day if we'd let her!),



(for some reason, I really like the way that picture of Rebekah and me blurred)

a train ride for Bethany,


giant bronze animal statues,


huge turtles,


plenty of being carried around by Grandma Miriam and Papa Jon,



and of course, the end of the day freakout.


As you can see, despite some bumps here and there, a good time was had by all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Steve Luke

What would a blog called "Buffalo Buckeyes" be without some real live Buckeyes? Papa Jon, of course, spent a few years on the squad, but this weekend we met Steve Luke. The long and short of it is, the guy started at OSU, first at center, then safety. Just. Too. Awesome.

Also, I all but promised my dad I'd post this, so here are two former Buckeye football players, and... me.


Now, I can't be the only one for whom the following song sprung immediately to mind...

(More pictures from the weekend in Columbus coming soon, I promise!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

We`re in PA heading to OH for Rebekah`s bday, & I`m using our new mobile posting! We`re hopefully heading to the zoo tomorrow for bday fun - we`ll post pics!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12th Miscellany, or Things My Girls LOVE

As you know, Bethany LOVES her baby sister Abby

more lovin' on Abby

and she LOVES putting together outfits that are... unique


(no, it was not nearly cold enough for that coat yesterday!)

Meanwhile, Rebekah LOVES pizza (or at least playing with it)

pizza face!

and she LOVES her Daddy!

a Daddy's girl

Dinner at Great Grandma's BIG house

That's what the kids call the apartment building, in case you were curious.

Monday night, we all went to Great Grandma Thompson's place for pizza. She recently got some new stools for her high counter, and the kids were more than happy to test them out while eating dinner and, um, posing.

posing, kind of

As usual, Abby had to be content with lying around and being carried, but we did coax a smile or two out of her!

Abby smiles, kind of

Painting Styrofoam

(shortly before the flu punched her repeatedly in the stomach last weekend)

painting Styrofoam balls

Why is she painting Styrofoam balls, you ask? Well, you'll just have to check back for pictures from Rebekah's 2nd birthday, because the cake is going to be...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just took Rebekah to Quest for bloodwork, and yes, there was screaming.

Welcome to Buffalo Buckeyes!

I realized after the fact that I probably should have written a brief introductory post before I started posting random updates about our daily coming and going.

If you're reading this, you are probably familiar with our old blog, Born in Buffalo, But Always a Buckeye. Lisa and I decided that since we now have three girls (not just our eldest, Bethany Margaret, as the URL implies), it might be time for a fresh look at things, blog-wise. Plus, since Lisa and I also do things of note from time to time, we figured we'd open things up a bit to include a bit more about our girls' Mom & Dad.

Anyway, that's about it, as far as introductions are concerned. As usual, you can subscribe to this blog via email, you can add the feed to your reader of choice, or you can just bookmark the main page and come back whenever you like. However you do it, you're in for a treat: we've got three beautiful girls who are growing and learning more every day, and we hope you'll enjoy seeing them grow almost as much as we do!